baseball swing line batting trainer

Additional Information

  • Designed for easy set up & equipped to span a maximum length of 16 ft.
  • The Swing Line has target & non target balls.  The objective is for the batter to stand with the back ball at his back shoulder. The batter swings with the intention of only hitting the front or target ball.  The batter avoids hitting the back ball or the line itself.
  • The ball will only travel smoothly to the end of the line if the ball is hit correctly by the batter utilizing proper swing mechanics.

​Batting is about muscle memory. This hitting aid will promote correct technique & incorporates proper batting mechanics into every swing. What is the proper baseball swing? How can I practice baseball swing mechanics? How can I eliminate batting tees, expensive baseballs, softballs, and awkward nets? Not sure how to teach an aspiring player how to swing a baseball bat? The Baseball Swing Line Trainer is the answer. This batting training aid will teach proper batting technique. It replaces batting tees and buckets of expensive baseballs. Perfect for team use. It truly is the all-in-one hitting trainer. Teaches batting mechanics while the athlete trains.